Our Commitment

For every responsible corporate citizen, fulfilment of all social, legal, industrial and environmental compliances is a must. All our companies and institutions ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled.

Remuneration : All workers are paid the basic minimum wage along with facilities like Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Gratuity, bonuses, earned leave, sick leave etc. They also receive subsidised education for their wards at school and college being run by Harf Charitable Trust.

Health and Safety : It is strictly ensured that health and safety of the workers and staff is ensured. All hazardous areas in the workplace are marked and highlighted. Safety equipment like safety gloves, glasses, ear plugs etc are provided wherever required. Regular health checkups are conduct to insure the health of workers. A doctor is available on the factory premises for first-aid and any other medical emergency. Emergency lights and exits and highlighted in each area.

Fire Safety : All production facilities are fitted with necessary fire fighting system and sprinkler system. Fire-fighting drills are conducted on a regular basis to ensure the staff and workers are ready to take control of the any danger. Regular evacuation drills are also conducted at our school and college to ensure the safety of the wards.

Environment : All manufacturing units in our three companies have the Air and Water consent from the Pollution control department for the area. For our yarn products, majority of raw materials are recycled materials from other spinning mills. Polyester fibre used for making tyre cord is derived from re-cycling plastics. All timber used for our furniture products are sourced responsibly. A complete Chain of custody is established as per EU Timber guidelines to insure that trees are cut as per government approvals and from sustainable sources.

Social Compliance – Third Party Audits : Our export clients regularly request third party audits for social compliance. Our furniture division is Ethical Trading Initiative Compliant, Forest Stewardship Council Compliant and registered with SEDEX Global.




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