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The group sells its products under the following brand names :

Sohrab Yarns : Polyester fibre based Tyre Cord, Polyester Yarn, Blended Yarn are being manufactured by Sohrab Spinning Mills Ltd. All the materials are sourced from India, China and USA. Majority of the raw materials are recycled wastes from other spinning mills which helps us in making highly environmentally friendly product.

Filament Tyre Cord : Nylon Filament Tyre Cord and Polyester Filament Tyre cord are being manufactured by Sohrab Textile Mills Ltd. Raw materials are procured from China and India. The company is one of the first to start the manufacturing of the Nylon tyre cord in the country.

Log Art : Solid wood furniture and accessories and wrought iron products and accessories are being manufactured by Sohrab Impex Ltd. The company specialises in manufacturing furniture for office, home and garden. The company specialises in the using the unique Indian timbers and these products are primarily exported to Europe and North America.

Carewel : Hospital furniture and accessories are being manufactured by Sohrab Impex Ltd as well. The brand also covers the complete range of rehabilitation equipment like wheelchairs, crutches, tricycles etc.




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